sync docker

hostctl sync docker

Sync your Docker containers IPs with a profile.


Reads from Docker the list of containers and add names and IPs to a profile in your hosts file.

hostctl sync docker [profile] [flags]


  -d, --domain string    domain where your docker containers will be added (default "loc")
  -h, --help             help for docker
      --network string   Filter containers from a specific network

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --column strings     Column names to show on lists. comma separated
      --host-file string   Hosts file path (default "/etc/hosts")
      --no-color           force colorless output
  -o, --out string         Output type (table|raw|markdown|json) (default "table")
  -q, --quiet              Run command without output
      --raw                Output without borders (same as -o raw)
  -w, --wait duration      Enables a profile for a specific amount of time (default -1ns)

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