add domains

hostctl add domains

Add content in your hosts file.


Set content in your hosts file. If the profile already exists it will be added to it.

hostctl add domains [profile] [domains] [flags]


  -h, --help        help for domains
      --ip string   domains ip (default "")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -c, --column strings     Column names to show on lists. comma separated
      --host-file string   Hosts file path (default "/etc/hosts")
      --no-color           force colorless output
  -o, --out string         Output type (table|raw|markdown|json) (default "table")
  -q, --quiet              Run command without output
      --raw                Output without borders (same as -o raw)
  -w, --wait duration      Enables a profile for a specific amount of time. (example: 5m, 1h) (default -1ns)


  • hostctl add - Add content to a profile in your hosts file.

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